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Dead Goat is a 2D goat character designed for side scrolling games.

Both the FREE & the PAID version of this asset contain a collection of quality animations!

What sets the two apart is the amount of extra content you receive with the PAID package. Not only do you receive everything included in the FREE package but... you also get a huge, ever growing list of extra animations. As well as the benefit of requesting new animations be added to the paid version.

FREE & PAID packages

  • Idle
  • Idle (eye blink)
  • Walk
  • Walk (eye blink)
  • Run
  • Run (eye blink)
  • & Jump
All the animations listed above come FREE with both packages!!

PAID package only

  • Idle 2 (head flip)
  • Jump 2
  • Jump 3 (front flip)
  • Jump 4 (back flip)
  • Wall Slide
  • Bleet (or Ranged Attack)
  • Ram Attack (Melee)
  • Hit
  • HIt2
  • HIt3 (or Block)
  • Death (Explode)
  • & more...
Also includes everything in the FREE package.
Updated regularly.

Don't see the animation you want or need?

Just email us at deadgoatdevelopment@gmail.com with the animation name, a similar example, and your proof of purchase & we will add it to the PAID version ASAP.